Chronicles of Baby Baisa: Diary One

Chronicles of Baby Baisa: Diary One

Meeting with a senior: Medhjaa Kumari Jamval 

As I enter the posh apartment in a multi-story building with a breath taking view in Gurgaon. I am filled with curiosity. Not only I’m meeting a vivacious senior from my school but also a royal linage girl who can be best described as an achiever at her age. As we get comfortable on the sofa set, the conversation starts to flow in the greatest of form. Meeting Medhjaa Kumari Jamval is a big, big pleasure.

I start reminiscing of her mother who also happens to be my teacher and a relative, which I came to know much later from my mother. Her mother despite being a princess has adapted to a modern life in Gurgaon and chosen academics as her profession, which is highly admirable. The transition seems to be comfortable and it transcends to the next generation as well.

I start the interview with the thoughts of a regular teenager who loves being independent; she is the girl next door who loves her family and friends dearly. Her mother Princess Trivikrama Kumari Udaipur was dressed in a bright yellow sari draped with utmost grace.

 Its interesting to know from Medhjaa that her mother who is the most influential person in her life, has raised her to be a self reliant and respectful young lady who is well aware of the realities of life. She says, “ I do my dishes on my own and clean my room, the most important thing for me is to be completely independent.”
In between sips of fresh mint soda, a recipe derived from her paternal grandmother we dissect the genre of today’s life and challenges.

The 19-year-old Medhjaa describes and recalls her fondest memory of Udaipur and Jammu, both being her maternal and paternal homes.  She recalls how her Nana ( Maharana Sahib Mahendra Singh Udaipur – Mewar) had this bed, which had a little space above. Where Medhjaa and her cousins used to do somersaults and backflips and fall on her nana’s lap. She adds that she and her Dada used to go and feed the chickens and the cows and make friends in their village in Jammu. The conversation continues with Medhja recalling how her grandparent’s narrated stories of historical importance with such ease. Each of them staying with her even today.                                                                

‘School will always remain my second home. It is the one place that taught me to be myself, find my individuality and also discover world cultures, beside my own.”

The confused and exploring side of Medhjaa ventured into news reporting internship and media activation program. Her mantras are stand up with integrity, dedication and passion and make her family proud. She is currently studying sociology from Jesus and Mary College. 

She vehemently endorses that she always respect her roots. During her visits she likes to absorb the beautiful surroundings of her maternal and paternal grandparents home. An avid traveller she often ends up travelling to close by places and discovering newer worlds.

She talks of a career to pursue, a life to live in modern India, with a constant link to her rich culture and part. And I instantly know that wherever she goes and whatever she does, a bit of Udaipur and Jammu will be with her forever.

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