Royal Fables Gazette

It was a happening month for Palace Karkhanas by Royal Fables, as we welcomed winter with a classy edit of clothes designed by Kanwarani Ritu Sinhji of Wankaner at her atelier. Classic coats in silk, embroidered and beaded; sassy sheraras in soft, block printed mul and dupion silk and rich velvet coats filled the racks. Jewellery by Pushpita Singh and amazingly well designed silver from the House of Badnore added to the fable, along with the porcelain art of Princess Krishna Kumari of Panna. Highlight of the evening being the launch of our blog by Princess Siddhi Kumari of Bikaner. A politician, craft protagonist and a gracious royal, Siddhi specially loved the Baby Baisa series by her beloved niece Sannjana Sharma. Next up was a sari draping workshop by Reshma Punj and Shraddha Akka Nikam. Working on the finer senses the workshop had jewellery designer Naina Balsaver Ahmad suggest what to wear over your sari as perfumer Pulkit Malhotra of Mocemsa added to the olfactory sense.