The leading royal families of India were in Jodhpur to celebrate the 70th Tithi birthday of Bapji, possibly India’s most respected and veneered royal. 
The Maharaja of Jodhpur and an able custodian on his inherited legacy HH Maharaja Gaj Singh II of Jodhpur, or Bapji as he is fondly called had his loved ones wrapped around him  this December as a series of festivities filled the air. First up was the polo match where the Jodhpur-Jaipur team got together to compete with the rest of India for the Bhanwar Baijilalsa Vaara rajye Cup and won the cup with HH Maharaja of Jaipur’s winning goal. A big thumbs up to Padmanabh there! Post polo a champagne reception witnessed a performance by Sivamani & Gair group.
Next morning the Rathore durbar took everyone’s breath away with all of Jodhpur’s nobles standing in queue to bless their beloved Maharaja and do his nazar and nachrawal. Elegantly perched Jodhpur tents graces the men’s durbar in the baradari lawns as the women gathered in the museum courtyard, Umaid Bhawan Palace. The evening ended with a lilting performance by Zila Khan and the most elegant dinner settings at the Marwar hall.