Chronicles of Baby Baisa: Diary Four

The Maverick from Santrampur

On a dusty Sunday afternoon, I make my journey towards Safdarjung
Enclave to interview Yuvraj Saheb Vrishankaditya Parmar of Santrampur
who describes himself as passionate, ambitious and caring. He
reverberates famous actor and filmmaker, Al Pacino’s words, “I asked
God for a bike but I know God doesn’t work that way. So, I stole a
bike and asked God for forgiveness”.

As I settle in his living room, absorbing the wise quote, I learn that
Vrishankaditya’s inspiration is his maternal grandfather, the famous
politician – Raja Saheb Digvijay Singh of Raghogarh – from whom he
learnt time management. Heritage for Yuvraj Saheb Vrishankaditya
Parmar means representation of culture and lineage in the fickle
world. He feels honoured and privileged to be born into such a huge

We venture into deep conversations and I discover that Vrishankaditya is a reticent actor who loves Bollywood and admires the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan. He also wants to go to New York Film Academy to study acting.

He warms up about his fondest memory of his sister, Yuvrani Saheba Kritiranjini Kumari of Bhavnagar’s wedding with Yuvraj Saheb Jaiveerraj Singh Gohil of Bhavnagar, reminiscing the chuniri ceremony
being special for him. Vrishankaditya has also been training in trap
shooting from the age of 5 and he has also represented India in the
Junior Indian Team for Shotgun (trap) Shooting.

According to him, his ancestor, His Highness Maharana Joraver Singh of
Santrampur was the most visionary king of Santrampur and now
Vrishankaditya’s father, His Highness Maharana Saheb Paranjayaditya
Parmar of Santrampur, has respectfully taken over the responsibilities
entailing the family’s glorious history. Speaking about his
inspiration, he says that his father has always been there to support
him and his dreams along with his mother, Her Highness Maharani Saheba
Mandakini Kumari of Santrampur.

He is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree from Hansraj College, Delhi University, along with training in trap shooting and planning his acting and film course.

Yuvraj Saheb Vrishankaditya Parmar of Santrampur wants to be known as
a strong headed individual. Ten years from now, he wishes to begin his
journey as an assistant director in the industry.