Treasure Trunk Tales – Dholpur

Being the only thikana of Dholpur headed by the descendent of the previous Tomar Kings, who established Dholpur, follows traditions which are more inclined towards Braj in terms of language, dress and customs. Two ghagras are sent for the bride – one is a gold ensemble with ghagra, odhni and kurti in blue velvet and one is a green ghagra for her to wear on the first night at her husband’s home which is woven with a repetitive pattern of peacocks and parrots which are symbols of beauty and loquaciousness. This teaches the bride to be beautiful and keep a check on her tongue. This particular piece has been worn by four generations of Kayasthpada brides and is fashioned out of Benarasi brocade woven especially for the purpose. Two bands of gold and silver gota adorn the border and ends with a green Mughal Magzi added only in time of a royal wedding in 1986.