Chronicles of Baby Baisa: Diary Five

From Muli to Mumbai

I was exhilarated to meet Tika Saheb Pratyaksh Sinh Parmar, the dapper scion from the royal family of Muli. It was doubly special for me to meet him because his great grandmother, Rajmata Saheba Rajendra Kumari of Muli, and my great grandmother, Rajmata Sushila Kumari of Bikaner, happened to be sisters, making us cousins in the complicated yet close-knit web of Rajput familial relationships.

We settle into a breezy yet enlightening conversation where he describes himself as ambitious, loyal and sincere. Pratyaksh says that he has always looked up to his father, Yuvraj Saheb Ranjit Sinh Parmar for guidance, who never fails to deliver it in an inimitable manner. He calls his father his hero, whose immensely articulate, focused and driven qualities Pratyaksh wishes to emulate.

His fondest memory is the birth of his younger sister, Kumari Saheba Vidarshana Kumari, who came as a vibrant little addition to the family after 2 generations of only boys. He adds that he is grateful for a supportive family who keep each other grounded at all times. Pratyaksh also holds a very special bond with his cousin brother, Yuvraj Saheb Vrishankaditya Parmar of Santrampur.  He feels like they are real siblings and love hanging out together.

Pratyaksh studied at The Doon School where he was also the captain of the Jaipur house. Studying in a boarding school, he says that he learnt to be independent. He also developed strong bonds with some friends who treat one another like family.

He is currently studying Economics at ST. Xavier’s College in Mumbai. Other than being a national level swimmer, Pratyaksh enjoys football and photography.

Pratyaksh says that he is fully aware of the incredible cultural and historical legacy with its ancient traditions of honour and valour that he is expected to carry forward. His grandfather, Thakore Saheb Jitendra Sinh Parmar, told him that the best ways to fulfil his responsibilities is to build a name for himself that is even more recognizable than that of the princely state he comes from. This is, thus, one such ideal around which he models the choices he makes in his life.

After finishing his bachelors, he wants to go to Columbia to pursue his post-graduation and come back to Mumbai to make a mark and expertise in the field of finance.