ByAnshu Khanna

In today’s world of whimsy, nothing sells better than a unique idea thought right. Startups like Nykaa, Jaypore, Zomato etc with their well-funded trajectory have proven that the journey of an idea into a well-crafted IP is the most crucial ingredient needed to ring in the profits. No one, in fact knows that better than the IPR expert who helps them protect their best-selling, path breaking idea. Taking them from zero to hero being an awarding process for him.
Safir Anand is one such nerdy, celebrated IPR lawyer who, as Senior Partner, Anand & Anand protects and represents most blue chip, idea driven successful and endearingly beautiful Intellectual Properties, born in India. Yet his heart is in being a brand evangelist to young, struggling ideas that are mind blowing & sweet. His soul rest in protecting India’s hand-made heritage. The tangible and the intangible stories that enrich the Indian treasure trove.
Little wonder than that he recently brought together 21 interesting idea lead brands, founding an equally innovative platform he christened The Great Indian IP Feast. A veritable umbrella that promises to celebrate brands, big and small, that are made in India and personify India handmade, the inaugural event was held at the cultural hub Bikaner House. Presented on the occasion were a host of stories that are vocal for local.

“India is possibly the richest treasure trove of arts, crafts, design that are hundreds of years old, yet ever evolving. From this reservoir have emerged so many unique brands that tell a compelling tale and get further enriched by becoming an Intellectual property. My platform The Great India IP Feast will offer a window to all these tiny tales that are unique and rich,” Shared Safir Anand.
At the inaugural event were presented Indri, an award winning single malt born in India, Stranger and Sons, an Indian origin gin, Kibba Lager beer, made in Ludhiana, P-tal, a revivalist project lead by students of SRCC, India Craft Project that works with over 80 master craftsmen, Nihira, known for their liquor ladoos and other mithais, House of Badnore, a memorabilia accessory story, Royal Fables, a curation of palace atelier products, Kiara Soul Kitchen that serves purely vegetarian cuisine and many others.
The two sisters, princess of Pratapgarh Alka Rani and Archana Kumari recreated cameos of their inherited legacy. While Alka showcased the beauty rituals of Avadh, Archana who married into the Badnore family skillfully recreated the elegance and richness of regal memorabilia
However, for him, the most unique was the food served by three royal kitchens of India under the project Kitchen of the Kings. A culinarian who must have visited 70% of the Michelin star restaurants across the globe, he invited the research-based platform Kitchen of the Kings to announce their foray into commercial endeavors like hosting a very high nosed sit-down dinner or collaborating with fine dining restaurants for special food festivals. The platform collaborated with chefs from Kangra, Rampur & Sailana, along with Unnati Gupta whose cloud kitchen Tari celebrates the curries and kebabs of Avadh. Together they presented in the most indulgent style, hors d’ouvres that belonged to the royal recipe books of their families.

Nawab Kazim Ali Khan of Rampur shared the uniqueness of these recipes saying that, “Royal cuisine is very different from regional cuisines. What is cooked in our kitchen are recipes that our mothers and grandmothers brought from their homes and perfected in the Rampur kitchen. They are totally distinct from what the world sees as Rampur food and as scions of this legacy we hope to share this with the world.”
The chefs from Rampur rustled up the signature Biryani that got served in shot glasses, their gilawat ke kebabs that emerged in decorated silver platters, their nawabi daal that was garnished with onions caramelized in dollops of ghee. The Maharani of Kangra meanwhile shared some much-loved Sailana recipes that she grew up enjoying as the Princess of that state including mutton kebabs that were fried and immersed in dahi. Meanwhile Unnati’s rasiley chicken kebabs were a melt in the mouth delight.